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Core Jewellery was founded in 1999, by Kamal Bhansali, Anita Bhansali, and Vivek Jadhav, visionaries with a common goal – to create a product that sets benchmarks when it comes to exceptional jewellery.

Our adherence to quality and commitment to innovation has led us to have an annual turnover of over $18 million servicing leading Jewellery retailers, wholesalers and distributors across the US, EU and Russian markets.



We develop products based on custom requirements and also do in-house product design and development based on jewellery consumption trends across global markets.


Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technology, giving us the capacity to manufacture upwards of 15,000 pieces per month.


Our extensive global network of trusted and verified diamond traders and manufacturers enables us to comprehensively source the exact specification of diamonds for your pieces.

Quality Control At Core

Quality Assurance

Our in-house QC teams ensures the strictest adherence to standards

All stages of manufacturing from sourcing of raw materials to the packaging of finished products are subject to careful scrutiny.

Our stringent quality standards have resulted in a rejection ratio that is less than 1%.

Root cause analysis methodology is followed to better understand rejections and eliminate them.

CVD & LAB Grown Diamond

We have an integrated 3 layer CVD testing done once at the time diamonds are sourced/ Bagged / randomly checked during production & at Final Q.C. After checking loose diamonds for CVD the diamonds get checked after setting and before the jewelry gets shipped.

We have 2 Machines namely GII Arotek & J Smart Pro and each pieces is processed through both the machines for stringent checks.

We have auto saving mode for every batch of testing that can be back tracked in case of any ambiguity in near future.

The Ideal Partner For Jewellery Wholesalers

With a history that spans more than 2 decades Core Jewellery is an established and proven partner to some of the largest wholesalers across the globe and work with them across the entire jewellery manufacturing value chain including: 
  1. Diamond sourcing
  2. Merchandising
  3. Bespoke and Custom Jewellery Design
  4. High quality jewellery manufacturing using modernised equipment and just in time methodology
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Drop Shipping and Fulfilment
Our approach to working with wholesalers is unique in that we work with them to understand their business strategy and are able to create a customised offering to help develop and supply the perfect mix of jewellery to help them scale. 


1000 +
Total customers
Total number of designs
100 +
Number of employees

Why Work With Core Jewellery

Innovative and Dynamic Designs

Rapid Prototyping

Stringent Quality Control

High Quality Photography and Cataloguing Services

Timely, Reliable and Safe Delivery

Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials

Skilled Labour Force

Robust after-sales customer support

Strong Privacy and Protection of Customer  Intellectual Property Protocols

Our Strengths


Men's Bling


Special Cuts


CBR 6164 10KT. Col: W
Gross Wt:11.022 Net Wt: 10.622
Dia Wt: 2.00 DiaQty: 227
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
CER 6160 Col: W
Gross Wt: 7.167 Net Wt: 6.767
Dia Wt: 2.00 DiaQty: 340
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
CEBR 2826
Gross Wt:2.713 Net Wt: 2.615
Dia Wt: 0.50 DiaQty: 106
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
COENBR 02400P 14KT.
Gross Wt: 1.933 Net Wt: 1.835
Dia Wt: 0.50 DiaQty: 67
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
COENR 02400R
Gross Wt: 3.542 Net Wt: 3.442
Dia Wt: 0.50 DiaQty: 67
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0


CMRR 0473 14KT. Col: W
Gross Wt: 6.770 Net Wt: 6.656
Dia Wt: 0.50 DiaQty: 114
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
CMPR 959 10KT. Col: W
Gross Wt: 8.511 Net Wt: 8.2117
Dia Wt: 1.50 DiaQty: 399
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
CMPR 9028
Gross Wt: 7.534 Net Wt: 7.233
Dia Wt: 1.50 DiaQty: 214
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
CMPBR 831 14KT.
Gross Wt: 22.632 Net Wt: 22.032
Dia Wt: 3.00 DiaQty: 194
Col Wt: 0.00 Col Qty: 0
Men's Bling
Special Cuts


  • Proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), we are committed to following ethical business practices at all stages of operation.


  • We work only with Kimberly Certified diamonds, sourced from a reliable network of vendors.


  • We source conflict free gold from the banks situated in SEEPZ/SEZ area only, originating from refineries on LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) Good Delivery List.

Global Customers

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Upcoming Events


17-22 JANUARY 2020
The international reference event for the gold and jewelery world that inaugurates the international trade show calendar. Manufacturers, brands, buyers, journalists, opinion leaders and trend setters from all over the world come together in Vicenza to present and preview the new collections and be inspired by the new year's trends.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Being a responsible Corporate Citizen, Core Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is committed to procure, manufacture and supply goods complying with all applicable Statutory, Social and Environmental Compliances. Core Jewellery is committed to Sustainable Development, follow and implement the best practices of Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).